DFRobot Bluetooth V3

DF-BluetoothV3 Bluetooth module uses a unique double-board design, it is beautiful and aim to prevent electrostatic damage to the module. It is designed to have 2 DC power input, wide voltage supply (3.5V ~ 8V) and 3.3V power supply, suitable for various applications. STATE LINK is indicated by a clear and bright LED which is used to display module status and connection status (STATE state: Search state (high 104ms 342ms 2.9Hz cycle flicker) connection status (high 104ms period 2s 0.5Hz flashing), LINK state: paired ). It has build-in on-board antenna which provides high quality signals.
DIP switch is designed to set the module status, LED Off to turn off the LINK light to enter power saving mode, AT Mode allows the module to enter AT command mode, AT commands can modify the baud rate and the master and slave mode.
This module can also be used as a pair which provides a transparent serial data communication.
This module has been tested and compatible with most Bluetooth adapter in the market (Bluetooth dongle, including laptops and mobile phones).
This module has been tested and compatible with Android Phones.

SKU: 1440019037
Price: Rp 335.000
Rp 2.000