Image Title Brand Price
Bluno - An Arduino with Bluetooth 4.0 Rp 500.000
Bluno Beetle - A compact size Arduino with BLE Rp 250.000
DFRobot Bluetooth V3 Rp 335.000
GPS Modules SiRF Star IV Maestro Wireless A2200-A Rp 350.000
Module Buetooth SPBT2632C2A.AT2 Rp 181.000
RFID card (13.56Mhz) Rp 25.000
WiDo Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible) Rp 500.000
Wifi Bee ESP8266 Rp 125.000
WIFI Dongle For Raspberry Pi (WIPI) Rp 300.000
WiFi Shield V3 PCB Antenna (802.11b/g/n) Rp 750.000