20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC Speed Controller without Brake

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) can be divided into brushed ESC and brushless ESC according to the different motor types. It is widely used in the RC remote control system and we can use signal to control the speed. This is a 20A bidirectional brushed ESC without Brake. It can support up to 20A continuous current and 320A instantaneous current. It is controlled by PPM signal and can drive the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. Support RC remote controller of commonly used brands on the market.


  1. Please carefully read the product specifications before using the equipment, do not overpressure or overload.
  2. Signal Status: After the ESC is energized, the indicator light flashes once again. After the remote controller back to middle position, the indicator light flashes once again. After the signal is lost, the indicator light flashes rapidly.
  3. How to calibrate?

Plug the ESC signal cable into the corresponding channel of the receiver, turn on the power of the remote controller, push the joystick of the corresponding channel to the maximum position, then, turn on the power of ESC, the indicator light will be blinking, after a few seconds, the indicator light will flash twice, then turn the joystick to the middle position, the indicator light flashes three times again, success!

SKU: DRI0047
Price: Rp 295.000
Rp 2.000