Satu set Konektor 2.8 (Untuk Otomotif) 2x3 Pin

**Harga sudah termasuk konektor dan pinnya**
1 set Konektor 2.8 Untuk Otomotif 2x3 Pin

Product Description
Can be used to connect internal wiring.
2.8mm terminal for cable diameter up to 2.0mm
Can be used on cars, moped, quad bike, tricycle, caravan, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, boat, snowmobile etc
Easy and simple
2/3/4/6 way connector with fixed hook
Terminal Width: about 2.8mm
Male Terminal Length: about 20mm
Female Terminal Length: about 15mm
Male Housing Length: about 18mm
Female Housing Length: about 35mm
Connector Color: white

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Price: Rp 6.000
Rp 2.000