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150M Miniature WiFi (802.11n) Module for Raspberry Pi

Tidak semua USB WiFi Dongle dapat dipakai di Raspberry Pi. Salah satu USB WiFi yang cocok dengan raspberry Pi adalah EDUP"s Wireless-N USB 2.0. Berikut Spesifikasi Detailnya:

- MIMO technology improves data throughput and range over existing 802.11b/g products
- Add high-speed Wireless-N (draft 802.11n) Internet access to any USB enabled computer
- 5 times faster than previous generation wireless networks (Wireless 802.11g)
- Offers greater coverage than Wireless-G networks
- Works with older Wireless-G and Wireless-B networks
- WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) simplifies setup and operation
- Operating distance of up to 300 feet indoor, and up to 900 feet in open space
- Data transfer rate of up to 150Mbps (downlink) and 150Mbps (uplink)
- Supports USB 2.0 interface, backward compatible to USB 1.1 and 1.2
- Enhanced WEP and WPA wireless security for protected Internet access
- Frequency Band Modulation Method: QPSK / BPSK / 16-QAM / 64-QAM
- Supports Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes
- Supports IEEE 802.11e standard

Rp 155.000 1440019028
2A Motor Shield For Arduino

Arduino product family is a great learning platform for electronics, programming and robotics. But most projects at some point require mobility. This board allows for motor control with Arduino right away. Stack up this shield on your controller and drive motors with higher power requirements. Depending on the motor of choice, you can make it fast or handle a higher payload. This Arduino Compatible Motor Shield (2A) uses L298P chip which allow to drive two 7-12V DC motors with maximum 2A current. This shield can be directly mounted onto standard Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino Mega.

Speed control is achieved through conventional PWM which can be obtained from Arduino’s PWM output Pin 5 and 6. The enable/disable function of the motor control is signalled by Arduino Digital Pin 4 and 7. The Motor shield can be powered directly from Arduino or from external power source. It is strongly encouraged to use external power supply to power the motor shield.

Compatibility :

  • Arduino UNO R3 
  • DFRduino UNO R3
  • Bluno Mega 1280/2560
Rp 217.500 1440019041
2wd miniQ Robot chassis

2WD miniQ robotic platform is especially designed for students and hobbyists. It's versatile and small, suitable for most indoors applications. It features high quality and powerful metal gear motors which make it a speedy robot. It is ideal for maze competition and educational courses, and is very easy to assemble, check out our assembly video below. Only requires 8 screws to get the job done and you can use our sample codes on our Wiki pages.

If you are planning to get started building a robot, as a proof of concept, its small body and light weight makes it a great choice. This robot can easily be used and tested on a desk or small area, easily assembled and expanded. An extra set of stand off and screws might come handy. It's round shape helps when moving around objects, avoiding obstruction. The platform has convenient drillings that helps placing sensors or other screwable parts like custom designed casing.

To drive this robot, you may need the Romeo, the Romeo BLE, or standard arduino with motor shield.

Rp 490.000 1440019038
4xAA battery holder (square)

Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5" tinned leads, square configuration.

Rp 18.500 1440019042
50A Current Sensor(AC/DC)

This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS758 current sensor. The sensor gives precise current measurement for both AC and DC signals.The thickness of the copper conductor allows survival of the device at high overcurrent conditions.

The ACS758 outputs an analog voltage output signal that varies linearly with sensed current.

This current sensor enables you to monitor currents in your project every second for energy saving or circuit protecting purposes.

Rp 225.000 1440019051
6xAA Battery Holder(double layer)

This battery holder can hold 6 AA battery which can make 7.2 V rechargeable battery pack from NiMH / NiCd cells or 9V battery pack from alkaline cells.

It comes with a 6" Red & Black Wires with side by side & stack connection.

Rp 19.800 1440019043
A short U-bracket

This is a high quality aluminum servo bracket (short), available in black anodized. Works great with our Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket.

Rp 65.000 1440019045
Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket

High quality black anodized aluminum multi-purpose standard servo bracket. It is suitable to make Pan/Tilt and multi-axis joints for use in robot arms and legs.

Rp 85.000 1440019046
Analog LPG Gas Sensor(MQ6)

The MQ6 is a simple-to-use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensor. It can be used in gas leakage detecting equipment in consumer and industry applications,this sensor is suitable for detecting LPG, iso-butane, propane, LNG. Avoid the noise of alcohol, cooking fumes and cigarette smoke. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the potentiometer.

Rp 100.000 1440019047
Baron-4WD Mobile Platform

The DFRobot 4WD Arduino-Compatible Platform w/Encoders is widely used on the world's self-developed control panel platform. This drive method has a strong obstacle and climbing ability with high strength aluminum alloy body. It features thick acrylic material to eliminate the heavy, fragile thin acrylic material defects. The powerful motor performance, flexible and rapid movement is especially suitable for outdoor grass, gravel, sand, or slope pavement.It is very useful for robot competitions and other research projects. It's car mounting holes is compatible with a variety of sensors. There is enough space within the car to install the battery. It is made with the consideration to facilitate the future expansion of PTZ cameras or more degrees of freedom manipulator. This platform comes with two sets of encoder can be precise control of the car trip, and the closed-loop PID control.

Rp 750.000 1440019039
Bluno - An Arduino with Bluetooth 4.0

It's time to get Bluetooth 4.0 into your project and sync it up with your phone! For aficionados of smart devices and wearables with this new tech (BT4.0, BLE), now you can go further than hacking things apart to start prototyping with your Arduino. As a member of the Bluno Family, Bluno is first of its kind in intergrating BT 4.0 (BLE) module into Arduino Uno, making it an ideal prototyping platform for both software and hardware developers to go BLE. You will be able to develop your own smart bracelet , smart pedometer and more. Through the low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology, real-time low energy communication can be made really easy.

Specifications :

  • On-board BLE chip: TI CC2540
  • Wireless Programming via BLE
  • Support Bluetooth HID
  • Support AT command to config the BLE
  • Transparent communication through Serial
  • Upgrade BLE firmware easily
  • DC Supply: USB Powered or External 7V~12V DC
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328
  • Bootloader: Arduino Uno ( disconnect any BLE device before uploading a new sketch )
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno pin mapping
  • Size: 60mm * 53mm(2.36"*2.08")
  • Weight: 30g
Rp 500.000 1440019076
Bluno Beetle - A compact size Arduino with BLE

Our "Beetle" series derives its core notion from minimalism without compromising functionality. Beetle aims to solve problems of low-cost controller, ease-of-using properly, and to provide a low cost solution for disposable projects, such as DIY projects, workshops, gift projects, E-Textiles and educational. For students and makers who can not afford too much on hardware purchasing, Beetle can be a great solution for them.

This Bluno Beetle is another milestone in the Beetle line, which makes DIY users have more options in the project design. It is fully compatible with Bluno in instructions and procedures. Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon modes.

It not only supports USB programming, but also wireless programming method. With the V shaped gilded I/O interface, it is convenient to screw conductor wire on it, which could a good choice in the wearable market.

Specifications :

  • Bluetooth Chip: CC2540
  • Sensitivity: -93dBm
  • Working Temperature:-10 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ 
  • Maximun Distance:50m(1968.50")(Open field)
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328
  • Clock frequency: 16 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Input voltage: <8V (Vin < 8V)
  • Digital Pin x4
  • Analog Pin x4
  • PWM Output x2
  • UART interface x1
  • I2C interface x1
  • Micro USB interface x1
  • Power port x2
  • Size:28.8mm X 33.1mm(1.13" x 1.30")
  • Weight:10g
Rp 225.000 1440019077
Camera Untuk Raspberry Pi

Camera Ini dapat digunakan untuk merekam High-Definition video, atau pun untuk mengambil gambar seperti halnya camera digital. Camera ini sangat mudah digunakan untuk pemula, tapi tidak menutup kemungkinan untuk digunagan pada aplikasi yang lebih canggih seperti image processing. Di Internet terdapat banyak contoh program untuk menggunakan camera ini. 

Resolusi yang dimiliki camera ini adalah 5 Mega Pixel, selain itu dapat juga digunakan untuk merekam gambar dengan resolusi 1080p 30fps atau 720p 60fps

Rp 390.000 1440019029
DFRobot Bluetooth V3

DF-BluetoothV3 Bluetooth module uses a unique double-board design, it is beautiful and aim to prevent electrostatic damage to the module. It is designed to have 2 DC power input, wide voltage supply (3.5V ~ 8V) and 3.3V power supply, suitable for various applications. STATE LINK is indicated by a clear and bright LED which is used to display module status and connection status (STATE state: Search state (high 104ms 342ms 2.9Hz cycle flicker) connection status (high 104ms period 2s 0.5Hz flashing), LINK state: paired ). It has build-in on-board antenna which provides high quality signals.
DIP switch is designed to set the module status, LED Off to turn off the LINK light to enter power saving mode, AT Mode allows the module to enter AT command mode, AT commands can modify the baud rate and the master and slave mode.
This module can also be used as a pair which provides a transparent serial data communication.
This module has been tested and compatible with most Bluetooth adapter in the market (Bluetooth dongle, including laptops and mobile phones).
This module has been tested and compatible with Android Phones.

Rp 335.000 1440019037
DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

DHT22 is a compound digital temperature and humidity sensor which outputs calibrated digital signals. Thanks to the dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology applied to the module, DHT22 comes with very high reliability and excellent long-term stability.
DHT22 includes a capacitive moisture sensor and a NTC temperature measuring element which is connected to a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller, resulting an excellent quality, super fast response time, strong anti-interference ability and extremely cost-efficient. Compared with SHT10 temperature and humiditiy sensor, DHT22 enjoys a higher precision and lower price, making it an ideal choice for mid price range, high performance temperature & humidity sensors. If used together with Arduino expansion boards, you'll easily get interactives of correlation between temperature and humidity perception.

Rp 150.000 1440019054
Digital Infrared Motion Sensor

Sensor Ini adalah sensor yang sederhana untuk mendeteksi gerak berbasiskan sensor pyroelectric. Nyalakan dan tunggu 1-2 detik untuk bisa mandeteksi gerakan. Sensor ini mendeteksi panas dari gelombang infrared yang dipancarkan objek yang bergerak. Tubuh manusia, hewan dan semua yang memancarkan energy bis adideteksi oleh sensor ini. Spesifikasi detail:
-Type: Digital
-Supply Voltage:35V
-Working temperature:070
-Output level(HIGH):4V
-Output level(LOW):0.4V
-Detect angle:110 Degree
-Detect distance:7 meters

Rp 105.000 1440019071
Gravity: Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino

This is a non-contact water / liquid level sensor for Arduino. It utilizes advanced signal processing technology by using a powerful chip (XKC-Y25-T12V) with high-speed operation capacity to achieve non-contact liquid level detection. No contact with liquid makes the module suitable for hazardous applications such as detecting toxic substances, strong acid, strong alkali and all kinds of liquid in an airtight container under high pressure. There are no special requirements for the liquid or container and the sensor is easy to use and easy to install.

The liquid level sensor is equipped with an interface adapter that makes it compatible with DFRobot "Gravity" interface. Four levels of sensitivity can be configured by pressing the SET button.

Rp 155.000 1440019079
Heat Sink Untuk Raspberry

Heatsink atau Pendingin untuk processor Raspberry Pi. Sudah dilengkapi dengan double tip khusus untuk pendingin. TErbuat dari bahan tembaga murni, membuat processor tetap dingin. 

Rp 20.000 1440019053
Immersible pump & Water tube

This immersible pump can be used to water your plants, make a fountain or waterfall, even change your fish tank wter.It works quietly with the sound level under 30db.
The pump has a filter inside as well as a suction cup which can help stick it to smooth surfaces tightly.

Note: This pump is intended for use UNDER the water ONLY!

Rp 160.000 1440019055
K Type Thermocouple

This is a K type Thermocouple (Temperature sensor) which is very popular for 3D printers such as Ultimaker and Makerbot. You can hardly damage them or mishandle them. You just need an additional IC (Like an AD595) for interpeting the data from this sensor.

Rp 90.000 1440019032